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Our Services

Art-Organizer provides digital services and consulting to art galleries, collectors and artists.

Websites for art galleries
Websites for art collectors
Websites for artists

The website of your gallery

  • Present your gallery to the world
    - List all your artists, their works, their news, their bio/bibliographies ...
    - Present your current show and your past exhibitions,
    - Announce your future exhibitions,
    - Communicate more with downloadable press releases,
    - Display unlimited slide shows of images of your works, exhibitions, art fairs or events
    - Sell or display all your publications with scans of some pages,
    - Indicate your past and future presence at art fairs,
    and much more features ...
  • Get more sales through digital marketing
    - Promote your website online and get more traffic,
    - Get more contacts from collectors, curators and journalists,

  • Communicate more with your clients
    - Get closer to your clients with easy to use CRM solutions,
    - Invite selected collectors to special previews in the private VIP section of your website,
    - Keep in touch through efficient newsletters

  • Manage efficiently your gallery
    - Store all your data in a single and easy to use database
    - Make all your data accessible through your network to all your collaborators

The website of your collection

  • Present your collection as a unique and personal project of a life time
    - Explain how you became an art collector
    - Express your tastes, why you collect these artists, and what is the inner logic of your collection

  • Share your collection with the world
    - List all your artists with links to their website and galleries
    - Present all your works with slide shows and zooms on details
    - Document all the works precisely to establish a reference
    - Add texts from curators, the artists or your own texts
    - Add pictures and slide shows of the hanging of your collection to show how you live with your pieces

  • Enrich your collection and your network
    - Get more interesting offers from the galleries
    - Be invited at the most important openings

Your personal website

  • Be professional and build you career
    - Centralize on your website all the official information about you and your work
    - Organize, display and document precisely all of your pieces
    - Add slide shows of images and zoom on works
    - Display your texts and comments
    - List all your catalogues and publications
    - Announce your future personal exhibitions and group shows
    - Add images of your past exhibitions and events
  • Share your work
    - Make all your data available through digital feeds
    - Offer downloadable documents about your work for the press, your collectors, your gallery and the curators

  • Get more contacts
    - Get linked everywhere to recruit more visitors
    - Have galleries, curators, journalists and collectors be more interested
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